Your Small Change for Bigger Change

Hi Everyone,

I am not too sure if a lot read my little blog here constantly or religiously. I am sure I have very little following on this haha. I am not rich and famous, my connections in the blogosphere is very lean. I only got a lot of hits due to some articles that were retweeted by the people I have written about. But I have and will try take a shot at this.

I have started a fundraising page for Habitat for Humanity build that benefits the Philippines. This means it could be any build project pipelined by Habitat Philippines. I volunteered 11 years ago out of curiosity and want to extend my skills in helping needy communities back in my university freshman year. That was my first and last volunteer day for habitat. But my little charity endeavors did not just end there of course. There was World Vision which took me about 2-3 years to help send a little girl in school. I had to stop because the donation increased and my budget decreased. This was of course unknown to many as I do not talk about it very much often. There was Green Peace too for the same span of time like that of World Vision. Some Sunday feedings for street children, yearly medical missions among other things. 

The past few days I remembered my want to extend help, to be part of a build but there were little schedules for Habitat. I came across the Give 2 Habitat fundraising page which would help fund some builds for chosen communities. I started my own fundraiser page in hopes that in given time, I would be able to raise the target funds from my own pocket and with assistance from the people (friends, family, strangers) that have that beautiful heart. 

Without too much narratives now, I am humbly asking for your assistance of helping me raise the funds I have targeted to help fund a build. The donation method is via credit card but secured and there would also be an offline donation in which I have to write the names of the donors and the amount they have donated and send to Habitat. 

For anyone who stumbled upon this humble blog, this entry, I hope you could help our brothers and sisters to have a better home. Any amount is accepted with pure gratitude. 

Thank you very much.



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