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How to Post Portrait Photo on Instagram?

Ever wondered how those other people on instagrampost their portrait pictures? Scratched your head while trying to do it directly on instagram? I know some techie people out here would just say “there is an app for that you know.” Right on, but not everyone can be that explorative or tech savvy enough.
Here is a little help for those who were wondering. Try to get the free app Squaready. It is just one of those apps that are linked to instagram and other photo applications. See below:

1. See that folder icon on the left side? Tap/click that to load your portrait picture.

2. Photo is already formatted to fit the square layout but you can change that by tapping the two icons (after the icon with color scheme) to edit the picture dimensions.

3. Then tap/click the left bottom icon (with color scheme) to change the background color. I always prefer black.

4. You can re-size the portrait picture however you like using the two buttons on the left from the icon with color scheme.

5. Tap/clic…

Les Misérables - Extended First Look

Les Misérables Movie Poster

Oh my God!! I cannot wait for the Les Misérables movie. I CANNOT WAIT!! I do not have words for it as of the moment, only tears, giddiness and goosebumps!!!

Les Misérables Cast: Hugh Jackman as Jean ValjeanRussell Crowe as Inspector JavertAnne Hathaway as FantineAmanda Seyfried as Cosette
Samantha Barks as Éponine

Les Misérables - Extended First Look

The Perks of Being A Wallflower

The Perks of Being A Wallflower

This might be the first movie/book I will talk about thoroughly here. I know I have 2 entries about movies (related links below this post) but this one is different because weird as it may sound, this is close to my heart. It is one of my favoritebooks and movies of all time. No not because it is Emma Watson in the movie (that is of course one of the sub reasons) but for these:
I am not THAT of a wide reader, although some would say I am a nerd (I do not refute this by the way), but this book/movie/story is one of the best that I have read/seen. It is honest, draws a lot of emotions, kick you in the reality shins about adolescence, love, losing people that you hold dear, conquering your very own demons and discovering a beautiful life outside your created shelter-walls in your head.
Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller

I am those characters (Sam, Charlie, Patrick and the others). A little bit of all of them. Their stories were and are my stories. I have …


Old Lady in Tribal Clothing

One last throwback for this wee hours of the morning, I am hitting the hay as I only have roughly about 2 hours to wake up and get ready for my day job. This is not a clean edit, I apologize. Took this about 4 years ago when I head up to Baguio with friends.

Getting Lost In The Forest

I was going through some old pictures and I stumbled upon these from our Tree Planting in La Mesa Dam back in 2009. How time really does fly. It has been 3 years since my co-worker and I got lost in that eco-park for roughly about an hour after deciding climbing trees where the best option to look for the other teams who were sent in different areas with a guide. We did not have our own as we were left behind the jump off point to ensure that things are in order before following them. We thought it was easy but one thing is for sure, never assume anything when you are in such place. 

Nothing better to do but just laugh it out when we were trying to remember which way we were supposed to head. Awesome experience I must say as there was so much greenery and fresh air.

If I have such scene in my backyard, I would probably be chirpy 80% of the time because of the serenity the environment brings.

I just had to take a picture of this, such a boy scout kind of thing to do. haha. They were all h…

UP PEP SQUAD : We Made 8 Happen

(I do not own this picture credit to owner)
Beyond the shaved heads, precise stunts, difficulty, artistry and simple uniform is a message that everyone should care for. FREEDOM. Freedom from all the issues, conflicts, misunderstandings and other complexities ensued by individuals, groups, societies, parties, communities, and government/s (country/ies). It was not aiming to be just being minimalist. It goes beyond what meets the eye, expectations and faith of every supporter, fan, and friendly rivals of the Squad. Anyway, I will not explain my point of view about this. We will all have different understandings. But I urge you to read through whatever is beneath the stunts, open your eyes and claim freedom. 

Watch this performance and you be the judge, why UP PEP SQUAD won this 2012 UAAP Cheerdance Competition.


This is how we were inside the Arena. It was way better than just watching it on TV. That is why every single year, my …

The Spark of Sandara Park

Sandara Park

Let me put up a disclaimer here before some of the people who know me start saying I have gone KPop. I have high respect for different kinds/genre of music and I believe that we are all saved by it from whatever complexities we have in life, but I am still into Indie 80% of the time. Having said that, this is not entirely about KPOP music, just one particular person, Sandara Park.

 Sandara Park
Famously known here in the Philippines as the Pambansang Krung Krung (National Krung Krung – sorry I do not know what the English translation for Krung Krung is, someone can enlighten meedit: "Crazily Funny" as I was told), she started in the national celebrity search in ABS-CBN’s Star Circle Quest and has also starred in numerous movies such as: Volta, Bcuz of U, Can This Be Love, D’Lucky Ones and Super Noypi as well as other TV shows in ABS-CBN.  Now, I am sure all you KPOP fans, 2NE1 to be specific know this. I just wrote that for those who do not know Sandara’s initial s…

Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano

I was born in the province Albay, where Mayon Volcano is our back drop every single sunny clear day. Magnificent and deadly at the same time. I live far enough just to get volcanic ashes when it erupts. Thankfully it has not erupted as bad as it used to. I pray that it does continue like that. There has been much activity and alert has been up and down for the past few years but thankfully lava just flowed. It took lives tho when typhoon hit and the "lahar" took thousands of lives around the volcano
I miss looking at this and just be thankful for a beautiful day. Now I have to climb up the roof top to see how it looks from my room as houses in our neighborhood get additional floors blocking my beautiful view.

Graffiti In A Festival

 Graffiti Artist

I have procrastinated on posting these pictures for over 4 months now and that was not a good idea. No excuses there, just pure non-creativity and laziness I guess. Anyway without too much blabbing, these were taken during the Manila Music Festival last May 1, 2012. There were available blank canvases (plywood walls) for the artists to play around and these were their arts.

Street Art

Street Art


Graffiti Street Art

Graffiti Art

Graffiti Artists

Graffiti Street Art

That's about all the pictures I had for this part of the festival. I really have to go around the metro and look for the places where these street arts are available. Graffiti / Mural in my opinion is art. There is a very big gap between what people call vandals versus graffiti. The random word posts for me without proper execution / art in there is just pure vandalism for me but when you have these kinds of graffiti, now I call them art. 
I've got to find these places really to appreciate the artistr…

Dredd 3D (Judge Dredd Reboot) : Movie Review

Dreed 3D Movie Poster Judge Dredd Reboot

Just going to give you guys my verdict and over all rating about the movie. I am lifting it up from my article from When In Manila. To see full review check this link: This is not a spoiler I swear. I do not want people wanting to imaginatively hurt me because I spilled the beans.

Verdict/Overall Rating:

It is not for the kids or for the faint-hearted due to the visuals and portrayed violence. Dredd 3D is a movie you would not actually dread if you are into these kinds of plots. But if you are looking for some good lines take away, there are only a few remarkable ones during the entire duration but do not take it as a bad sign since this movie is indeed trying to stick to the essence of the Comic Book. Overall, I would give it 4 out of 5 imaginary magical stars. 

Explore, Go, Wander, Get Out, More

I used to daydream about so many things when I was younger. One of which is to get to see a lot of places. I had those top 5 things to do each year and usually I put down one place to visit. But that did not happen right away. I had so many excuses in life, not enough time, no money, no savings, I am stuck at work, my friends and I do not get the same free time as we planned out on. Then I realized, making up excuses for the things that I couldn't do made my life dull. I had to change things. I had to, just get out more

True to my self promise, I go out of town each year. I visited Palawan (Puerto Princessa and Coron), went to Dumaguete and enjoyed the beautiful Sand Bar in Bais, went to Siquijor a mystical place in my opinion that not everyone would be adventurous enough to go and Boracay of course. But before heading to all those places, I had to explore my own province, Albay, first. If I can brag about my travels, I would start with it. See below.

San Miguel Island, Tabaco Alb…

Republic Act No. 10175 (With Some Blabberings)

This post covers only the chapters 2 and 3 of Republic Act No. 10175 because I know most of you will just dive right into there. But for those who would want the full text of the policy please go here: 
Republic Act No. 10175Download PDF File:
Again, I would like to repeat, please see full text on those links for you to have full understanding of the wordings. I urge you to do it since we all should be responsible netizens and for us to be educated on what should and should not be done online or any thing related thereof.

SEC. 4. Cybercrime Offenses. The following acts constitute the offense of cybercrime punishable under this Act:
(a) Offenses against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems:
(1) Illegal Access. – The access to the whole or any part of a computer system without right.
(2) Illegal Interception. – The interception made by technical means without r…