5 Top Reasons Why I Blog

I've been editing this blog for the past 2 days during my off time at the hotel. Made me think as to why I am actually editing codes when I left that hat gathering dust for the past 5 years now. One answer, an honest feedback - which I appreciated. This made me ask myself why I actually started blogging? Here are my top 5 reasons why.

1. I love writing - I used to have journals back in high school. I started around the age 13 when I needed my thoughts to be written and obviously for memories. It contained ideas, poems, short stories, dreams and of course the "dear diary" entries.

2. My Photos - okay, you would probably say, why not just post them up in an album or photo sharing site. Why blog? Well see point number 1: I love writing but I also love traveling which would probably contradict the explanation on number 3 but I would love to share photos that I took with a lot of narrative along with it. Probably a bad combination.

3. Share my thoughts - when I don't have anything to do or anywhere to go I tend to stay at home and be a hermit. (My personality test says I am introvert, INTP to be exact so go figure). When that happens, there are rush of thoughts, ideas and all those other stuff that go through your head when you only have yourself as company. So why keep it when I can share?

4. Relieve me from boredom - see reason number 3 which would be the result of being a hermit sometimes, or you can call me lazy if that is what you want to assume haha. Random stuff intrigue me and get my attention most of the time. So when I get bored, I tend to check a lot of things online and then sometimes blog about it. Mostly music tho, then I get amused.

5. I needed someone to talk to - usually crazy thoughts (see reason 3) come rushing late at night. Of course you wouldn't wake up someone in the wee hours just to talk to them. You lie awake, toss and turn and then suddenly you just want to go write them as if you are talking to someone. This is why there are a lot of randomness, okay blabbering posted in here. Lengthy ones. So for those of you who eagerly go through my posts and understand what I usually say here, thank you very much.


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