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I used to daydream about so many things when I was younger. One of which is to get to see a lot of places. I had those top 5 things to do each year and usually I put down one place to visit. But that did not happen right away. I had so many excuses in life, not enough time, no money, no savings, I am stuck at work, my friends and I do not get the same free time as we planned out on. Then I realized, making up excuses for the things that I couldn't do made my life dull. I had to change things. I had to, just get out more

True to my self promise, I go out of town each year. I visited Palawan (Puerto Princessa and Coron), went to Dumaguete and enjoyed the beautiful Sand Bar in Bais, went to Siquijor a mystical place in my opinion that not everyone would be adventurous enough to go and Boracay of course. But before heading to all those places, I had to explore my own province, Albay, first. If I can brag about my travels, I would start with it. See below.

San Miguel Island, Tabaco Albay

Cagsawa Ruins, Albay

If I did not get out more, I would not be able to enjoy what nature could give me and the peace of mind that comes with the package.

Below is a a 30 second video of a life that could be very interesting. No more excuses, no more this and that, just go. get out. more.

No More Excuses, Get Out More

Check Get Out More: http://www.getoutmore.ph/

To make your own fun videos and showcase your travel photos: http://www.getoutmore.ph/index.php/make_your_own_video who knows, you might just win free travels from BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands)!

With all of that, I leave you with this: We should all make it to a point that we give ourselves a chance to live the life we actually deserve, stress free, at least for 5 days a year. Our day jobs can wait, but life cannot. 

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