Getting Lost In The Forest

I was going through some old pictures and I stumbled upon these from our Tree Planting in La Mesa Dam back in 2009. How time really does fly. It has been 3 years since my co-worker and I got lost in that eco-park for roughly about an hour after deciding climbing trees where the best option to look for the other teams who were sent in different areas with a guide. We did not have our own as we were left behind the jump off point to ensure that things are in order before following them. We thought it was easy but one thing is for sure, never assume anything when you are in such place. 

Nothing better to do but just laugh it out when we were trying to remember which way we were supposed to head. Awesome experience I must say as there was so much greenery and fresh air.

If I have such scene in my backyard, I would probably be chirpy 80% of the time because of the serenity the environment brings.

I just had to take a picture of this, such a boy scout kind of thing to do. haha. They were all hard at work while two of us were looking for our way out of the forest.

I could read a book under this tree without knowing what time it is. Looking at these pictures, I miss trekking, hiking, and camping. It has been a while since I had gone, roughly a year or so. I have to get back and be one with nature as it is the best psychiatrist for me, saves you a lot of money.


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