How to Post Portrait Photo on Instagram?

Ever wondered how those other people on instagram post their portrait pictures? Scratched your head while trying to do it directly on instagram? I know some techie people out here would just say “there is an app for that you know.” Right on, but not everyone can be that explorative or tech savvy enough.

Here is a little help for those who were wondering. Try to get the free app Squaready. It is just one of those apps that are linked to instagram and other photo applications. See below:

1. See that folder icon on the left side? Tap/click that to load your portrait picture.

2. Photo is already formatted to fit the square layout but you can change that by tapping the two icons (after the icon with color scheme) to edit the picture dimensions.

3. Then tap/click the left bottom icon (with color scheme) to change the background color. I always prefer black.

4. You can re-size the portrait picture however you like using the two buttons on the left from the icon with color scheme.

5. Tap/click the arrow on the top right corner of the screen picture. You will be asked to select export destination.

6. If you select send to Instagram Format, you will be asked what image quality you would like.

7. Then off you go export it to instagram.

This is just one of the options. Enjoy.


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