UP PEP SQUAD : We Made 8 Happen

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Beyond the shaved heads, precise stunts, difficulty, artistry and simple uniform is a message that everyone should care for. FREEDOM. Freedom from all the issues, conflicts, misunderstandings and other complexities ensued by individuals, groups, societies, parties, communities, and government/s (country/ies). It was not aiming to be just being minimalist. It goes beyond what meets the eye, expectations and faith of every supporter, fan, and friendly rivals of the Squad. Anyway, I will not explain my point of view about this. We will all have different understandings. But I urge you to read through whatever is beneath the stunts, open your eyes and claim freedom. 

Watch this performance and you be the judge, why UP PEP SQUAD won this 2012 UAAP Cheerdance Competition.


This is how we were inside the Arena. It was way better than just watching it on TV. That is why every single year, my friends and I make it to a point that we get to watch it live.

Credit : Jerwin Espiritu

On a lighter note, we had fun watching as usual. It is always the time of the year where school spirits are everywhere. One can only be so proud of where he/she studied. I always love this time of the year.

my friends and I with other UP students

Laban UP!

One fall does not define defeat.

Congratulations UP PEP SQUAD. I will forever be a supporter


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