10 Things/Places I Miss in UPLB (Yufie Elbi)

 University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB)
(not my photo)

It has been about 7 years since I graduated from University of the Philippines Los Banos. I usually go back every December for our Varsity Team’s reunion (annual), sometimes for badminton pick up game with them as well or just hanging out. Today I stumble upon some pictures taken years ago while I was still studying, damn I am getting old. Haha! anyway here are the 10 things I miss in UPLB.
1.  Freedom Park: I used to take summer classes and the park was always the place where thinking gets done as well as running around for the work out. My favorite time usually is when the cotton tree (I am not sure what the tree is really called sorry) bursts and the all the threads fly around the park and the green is covered with white looking like it snowed on a summer day. So beautiful.

2.  Baker Hall: I know this has been converted to a museum but this is where hours of my weeknights and Friday afternoon were spent for training. It is where all the pain and fun with friends come together. I have other fond memories in there too. Haha

3.  Burger King (it is gone now): after training my friends/team mates and I would go to Burger King every Friday afternoon to eat and enjoy the unlimited drinks they offer. If you were batch 2001 or lower in UPLB you would know what “suicide drink” is.

4.  Food: who wouldn’t want the student meals? For 15 pesos you get to eat lunch. This maybe during my time but I am sure there would be still places for this amount of meal. Get siomai from Papus and you’re good to go for the day. The fresh lumpiang ubod, the fried chicken among other.

5.  Naked Dance or Oblation Run: despite this being different from Diliman because the men in our’s cover their bodies with coal imitating the color of our Oblation Statue but this was always fun. I remember my freshman year we were actually in front to experience this for the first time and remember myself staying at the back in my senior year to allow the freshmen in front. It was a great sight haha.

6.  Thursday Nights: this is usually the gimmick night in UPLB as most people would go home on a Friday night to their respective homes. The drinks at Isis Taas, billiards and coffee too. I have had my nights with friends at the not so constant clubs in the area (they usually don’t stick and every other time another one opens haha)

7.  Mang Pogs: who would forget Mang Pogs? This is where the drinks and food come from when you wish to have them late in the night. Always the go to store for most of the students.

8.  The jokes about Men’s: no this is not the monthly visitor but the dormitory inside the school that is now co-ed housing.

9.  The Ghost/world war II stories: the secret tunnels they said that the school has, the creepy places, the myths about the never ending bridge, forestry and all those places. What I do not miss though was me experiencing it in our own creepy apartment. Haha

10. The school itself: I had the best 4 years of my life in UPLB. When I was asked to make a choice whether I transfer to Diliman or stay in Elbi after a year, in a heart beat I said I’d stay and it was one of the best decisions ever. The friends I made there, the classes I took, the places we went, the good times and the bad, the craziness, the getting drunk but never really puking, the failed classes not just exams but classes, the retakes, statistics, NatSci with ¾ of the class failing the entire subject. Everything about this place is magical, the love found and lost, the friends and enemies made as well as the smiles and tears. I would say I am grateful for the experience Elbi.

I could go on and on about this but I’ll stop right here. 


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