Anne Curtis for Bench Celebrity Scents

Anne Curtis for Bench Celebrity Scents

Anne Curtis is one of the bankable endorsers right now in the Philippines. People from all walks of life trust her name alone, looking at it from a different perspective, it is strengthening its course as a brand name itself. But she will get to that I am sure, soon.

EDT: Sweetheart, Fierce and Glamorous for Php 368

Last October 27, 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia as one of the events lined up for Philippine Fashion Week, Bench has formally launched Anne Curtis as part of their family for the Bench Celebrity Scents. She has 6 fragrances in total: Eau de Toillette (EDT): Glamorous, Fierce, and Sweetheart for Php 368 a bottle and Body Spray Amour: Cuppycake, Baby Kisses, and Carnival Cocktail for Php 128 a bottle.

Amour Body Spray for Php 128

The show started with an a Capella group to the tune of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" getting the jam packed SM Mall of Asia's atrium/activity center ready for Anne Curtis. She launched her fragrances with Bench Celebrity Scents Collection on the runway singing to Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out" doning a beautiful pink laced gown looking like a living barbie doll. Walked on the runway in a beautiful gold dress and ended the Bench Concerto in J.Lo's "Dance Again". Both songs were sang LIVE by Anne Curtis. Playful on the runway, the crowd cheered her on and enjoyed every minute of her little Concerto. You can just hear the screams and cheers on the video.

I apologize to those who are looking for pictures during the launch, I did not take one to be honest but hold on I have something better. I have recorded Anne Curtis' Bench Concerto (90% of it) for your viewing pleasures. 


 Anne Curtis for Bench Celebrity Scents

 Anne Curtis for Bench Celebrity Scents

We all know that once Anne Curtis sets out in public for a brand, it means that it is something worth it (and I am not borrowing a line from her shampoo/conditioner endorsement by the way). Go grab your own bottle at any Bench store near you. 



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