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Boysen KNOxOut: EDSA Pillars Air Purifiers

Boysen KNOxOUT: Project EDSA

Are you an everyday commuter like me? Whether you own a car or you enjoy the hustle and bustle in public transportation, you are one of the millions of enjoy the benefits of modern commuting. What if you are EDSA that technically shoulders you and the rest of the millions of people including PUVs suffocating 24 hours a day, seven days a week? What would you do?

EDSA Pillars Air Purifiers (Boysen KNOxOUT)

According to the joint study by World Bank and DENR – Philippine Environment Monitor, air pollution in Metro Manila causes almost 14 (avoidable) deaths per day, or about 5,000 premature deaths a year. In addition, Synovate (2004) showed in their study that 98% of Manila residents are affected by air pollution and 50% would want to move to a less polluted place.

Boysen KNOxOUT: Project EDSA

Like you and the rest of the people who aim for a better air quality in the Metro for ourselves and our families,Boysen – the country’s biggest paint company, in coordination…

5 Things You Should Know About Introverts (Like Me)


I just needed to clear my head right now before plunging on work again. This occurred to me, what are some of the things people should know about Introverts like me.
And I am an INTP – Designer Theorizer Extraordinaire hahaha!

Anyway here 5 things you should know about us introverts – based on personal accounts.
Often appear to be quiet and reserved but thoughtful – basically if you have met me, I have my moments of being reserved and quiet. Please do not mistake that as being a snotty or snob, it is just how we work our days. But we would take note of all the important details you have in life if you are considered integral part of their lives. We would often remember dates that have great significance and moments that are for forever.We like concentration and quiet – Good God yes, we have to make sure that there is peace and quiet in certain moments especially when trying to work on im…

8th is Great

(photo credit: Anne Curtis-Smith)

Some would claim that the success of an actor would depend on the unwavering support and loyalty of their “fans” – some would argue that pure talent would get her/him shine brighter than the other stars. I would say “indeed” to both but I always feel that the combination lacks a few ingredients that make that success so to speak delectable. Then there is Anne Curtis-Smith and her crazyfannetastic fanneatics (F2) family.
I am not here to compare nor flex my flabs (yes, flabs) to get F2s and Anne Curtis-Smith into the highest pedestal but rather share with you figments of my perception about this beautiful conundrum – ah such big words, high five? Haha

Last November 6, 2012 at My Cinema in Greenbelt the Fannetastic Fanneatics (f2s) celebrated its 8th anniversary with a block screening for A Secret Affair and humble get together with Anne Curtis-Smith(sorry I really do feel bare when I just say Anne Curtis its like there is a missing itlog in tapsilog), h…

Short Take on Fifty Shades

(not my Fifty Shades of Grey artwork)

Fifty Shades (of Grey, Darker, Freed) I think actually made it harder for men to please us women. The way I see it, they have to live up to the expectations we women have now after that very faithful day of opening the very first page, reading the first words and finishing the trilogy in perhaps the speed of light.   (I did in about 5 days I think) Nonetheless, this made men up their game to keep their women, probably a win-win situation some people may think. I would sit in the corner, have a cup of tea (not Twinings English Breakfast Tea, I am sorry) and just silently agree on this.
In another point of view, this made single women increase their standards (fuck, yes OURs - I am one of you) to the point that we forget the average Joe’s who are silently willing to catch us when we fall, wake up with us every morning, and get us a run-down beatle for a ride. Forgive me I have been online the entire day, it is in the wee hours of the morning …

When You Come Down - Tristan Prettyman (Lyrics)

Tristan Prettyman - When You Come Down (soundcloud link)

If you’re scared, let it go
And if you ever have a doubt
Now you know
That your heart, it won’t break
And it was never good
At making mistakes
So it’s no wonder my love
Goes on and on
You were always easy for me
I just no wonder, I knew, all along
Even when I know you feel like flying away
Believe me when I tell you that my love hasn’t changed
And the moment don’t forget
Tomorrow it will all turn around
I’ll be waiting when you come down
Waiting when you come down
Here we go, once again
Trying to break it when it won’t still bend
Got your head, in the clouds
And though you feel so far away from me now
But still my love, my love
Goes on and on
I’m trying to make it easy for you
But I don’t know if my love will ever be enough
Even when I know you feel like flying away
Believe me when I tell you that my love hasn’t changed
And the moment don’t forget
Tomorrow it will all turn around
I’ll be waiting when you come down
Waiting when you com…

"Mama Mia" Indeed

Amazing "Mama Mia" rendition/cover by Jasmine Kennedy

Wildest Moments We Could Be The Greatesst

"Maybe in our wildest moments we could be the greatest we could be the worst of all"

Most Common Birthdays

Last night I could not get my brain turned off (like the usual) resulting to me sleeping at 5 in the morning. Ah the joys of having a long weekend with nothing planned. I could catch up on some stuff online, get new tunes and basically catch up on some of the artists I dearly adore. I stumbled upon Dianna Agron's tweet linking her tumblr (I know it exists for a long time but I just happen to not visit most of the time due to whatever useless reason there is). Browsed it through and found this - among other things.
Most Common Birth Dates

I guess I am less common, way to go Mom and Dad!