5 Things You Should Know About Introverts (Like Me)

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I just needed to clear my head right now before plunging on work again. This occurred to me, what are some of the things people should know about Introverts like me.

And I am an INTP – Designer Theorizer Extraordinaire hahaha!

Anyway here 5 things you should know about us introverts – based on personal accounts.

  • Often appear to be quiet and reserved but thoughtful – basically if you have met me, I have my moments of being reserved and quiet. Please do not mistake that as being a snotty or snob, it is just how we work our days. But we would take note of all the important details you have in life if you are considered integral part of their lives. We would often remember dates that have great significance and moments that are for forever.
  • We like concentration and quiet – Good God yes, we have to make sure that there is peace and quiet in certain moments especially when trying to work on important things, to concentrate and have a quiet environment is like a moment Zen for people like us. I guess that is why music is basically a staple for someone with this personality to calm the nerves in a chaotic environment.
  • Have difficulties in making new contacts – I would believe so, see items 1 and 2. But to reiterate, we are not being snotty or snobby, its just that we get to be reserved most of the time hoping for concentration and quiet which I would agree would sometimes be borderline antisocial. Haha!
  • We love challenges – if things are not viewed challenging we often feel bored or depressed about it that we go through the motions like a ghost or a person inside an elevator with blank stares. Thinking is usually a hobby as we like exploring out thoughts and feelings and often regard them to situations. 
  • We love lists – forgive me but I have to live off on things to do and accomplish, I feel so bare-naked of I do not have something to cross off every time I get something done. I would go crazy if I do not have them, the list would serve as reminders of what needs to be done. God even this entry is all about lists haha.

But that is not all we are. I just limited this “list” to 5 because I do not want to go into details. Personality is different from attitude please do not mix them up. How I would act is dependent on how someone has acted/reacted, a whole nine yards of difference.

If you have been curious look into the 16 types of personalities or 8 preferences from Myers Briggs Personality Type, you would have a feast.


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