8th is Great

 (photo credit: Anne Curtis-Smith)

Some would claim that the success of an actor would depend on the unwavering support and loyalty of their “fans” – some would argue that pure talent would get her/him shine brighter than the other stars. I would say “indeed” to both but I always feel that the combination lacks a few ingredients that make that success so to speak delectable. Then there is Anne Curtis-Smith and her crazy fannetastic fanneatics (F2) family.

I am not here to compare nor flex my flabs (yes, flabs) to get F2s and Anne Curtis-Smith into the highest pedestal but rather share with you figments of my perception about this beautiful conundrum – ah such big words, high five? Haha

Last November 6, 2012 at My Cinema in Greenbelt the Fannetastic Fanneatics (f2s) celebrated its 8th anniversary with a block screening for A Secret Affair and humble get together with Anne Curtis-Smith (sorry I really do feel bare when I just say Anne Curtis its like there is a missing itlog in tapsilog), her glam team Robbie Pinera and Raymond Santiago (whom F2s have been crushin on) and her Angels Ms. Therese, Ate Maryann and Kuya Monch.

Let’s get on with the other ingredients that could make something live to infinity and beyond (8 years and counting so to speak).

 8th Anniversary of Anne Curtis-Smith's F2s

Ingredient 1: 1 Whole Family

I have been part of the F2s family for a quarter of its existence (2 years just wanted to make my sentence flowery haha) and though it is short compared to others, the experience is for forever. If you have noticed, I do not call F2s a fanclub because I do not see it as one; I see it as a unit – as a family because that is what you would feel. Our ages, work, schools, or affiliations may vary but Anne Curtis-Smith has been the centripetal force that has linked us all together as one.

(photo credit: Anne Curtis-Smith )

Ingredient 2: A cup of Craziness

Make that a drum full of craziness. Who you hang out with defines a chunk of who you are as a person at least that is how I see it. Anne, bless her beauty and talent is one crazy person (as she admits, I mean this in a good way don’t go hating). She is always game for anything fun, and her spontaneity is contagious. The F2s are crazy, if you follow some of our twitter accounts, I highly doubt you would take any of us seriously (except my tweet rants, don’t mind them). That makes this click.

Ingredient 3: A handful of good hearts

Like my previous entries, I have idolized Anne from the sidelines before that faithful day on January 28, 2010. Her efforts during the Typhoon Ondoy made me think differently of who she really was. The f2s, despite our individual and collective craziness, would always be ready and there to lend support and extend help.

And last but not the least.

Ingredient 4: A splash of unconditional love

A unit would always have “love” as the top reason why support is given without question. But unconditional love is the mother load of all loves out there. That is what I see in this little unit we call f2s. No matter what happens, I know F2sunconditional love and support for Anne will hold its forth for forever.

Happy 8th anniversary Anne Curtis-Smith and Fannetastic Fanneatics, to infinity and beyond. 

Follow f2s on twitter and be part of the family: http://twitter.com/realF2


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