Short Take on Fifty Shades

 (not my Fifty Shades of Grey artwork)

Fifty Shades (of Grey, Darker, Freed) I think actually made it harder for men to please us women. The way I see it, they have to live up to the expectations we women have now after that very faithful day of opening the very first page, reading the first words and finishing the trilogy in perhaps the speed of light.  
(I did in about 5 days I think)
Nonetheless, this made men up their game to keep their women, probably a win-win situation some people may think. I would sit in the corner, have a cup of tea (not Twinings English Breakfast Tea, I am sorry) and just silently agree on this.

In another point of view, this made single women increase their standards (fuck, yes OURs - I am one of you) to the point that we forget the average Joe’s who are silently willing to catch us when we fall, wake up with us every morning, and get us a run-down beatle for a ride.
Forgive me I have been online the entire day, it is in the wee hours of the morning from where I am and I stumbled upon tumblr posts about Fifty Shades.


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