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GIRLS : Music from Original Series

Okay, if you guys have not seen or heard about HBO's GIRLS, you are actually missing out on a fun true to its sense series that most women our age can relate or perhaps women older than us would understand.
You have got to really get your groove on and start watching this show. But this is not for the faint-hearted as there are so many "real" situations that a conservative person wouldn't even bother a second to hear or understand. Sucks for you though. haha.
Anyway, this post isn't about the show entirely but the soundtrack. Some of you may know that I am a big music head and would enjoy as much as I can to get my hands on new or awesome tunes.
Here is the track list of GIRLS, HBO Original Series:
01 Robyn: "Dancing on My Own"
02 Fun.: "
Sight of the Sun"
03 Harper Simon:
"Wishes and Stars"
04 Santigold:
05 White Sea:
06 Grouplove:

Warm Bodies

 Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies Official First 4 Minutes

I read this book within a day. I knew there was going to be a major motion picture adaptation but I had prolonged reading it. I got hooked to some of the books that I needed to finish before this. 

One thing I would like to say, please do not keep comparing it to Twilight. It is in no angle the same as those books!

Warm BodiesOfficial Trailer

Anyway, here are some stuff you need to know:
1. It is a romantic comedy movie/story about the Dead boy (half dead) and the Living girl.
2. "Julie" is not a damsel in distress. Which is always a major plus for me. I usually favor characters who can fight for their lives.
3. "R" while he is "dead", is actually witty and buzzing with "life". Go figure. :)
4. Ellipses are cool....... I use it every single moment I could.....
5. It teaches to live life and don't be a "boney".
6. Love, no matter how cliche it sounds, can make the world go round.
7. I never u…

The Great Perhaps

I have not posted for a while. Not that there are tons of you guys out there who hang on to every word I say here. But still, forgive me for falling off the grid for a short while as life as we know if for 2012 has ended, the Mayan Calendar must have been read wrongly.
If explanation is needed, I'll give it a go. I had to take on monumental things starting half of the year of 2012. I thought I could juggle perfectly like I used to when I was studying and working but fuck (excuse me) it totally went haywire. For most people who know me online, I tweet a lot like it was a snack or something that I needed to nibble on every time. That dwindled and they probably asked why or maybe not haha. Just to put it lightly, concrete jungle sucked/swallowed me whole.
(I am trying on the blogger app on iphone, so if this post is haywired, I'll edit or take it down after.)
As I look back at my 2012, I would say it was yet again a roller coaster ride. I'll admit, some of the good wishes I had …