The Great Perhaps

I have not posted for a while. Not that there are tons of you guys out there who hang on to every word I say here. But still, forgive me for falling off the grid for a short while as life as we know if for 2012 has ended, the Mayan Calendar must have been read wrongly.

If explanation is needed, I'll give it a go. I had to take on monumental things starting half of the year of 2012. I thought I could juggle perfectly like I used to when I was studying and working but fuck (excuse me) it totally went haywire. For most people who know me online, I tweet a lot like it was a snack or something that I needed to nibble on every time. That dwindled and they probably asked why or maybe not haha. Just to put it lightly, concrete jungle sucked/swallowed me whole.

(I am trying on the blogger app on iphone, so if this post is haywired, I'll edit or take it down after.)

As I look back at my 2012, I would say it was yet again a roller coaster ride. I'll admit, some of the good wishes I had for myself did come true but not without hardships and drama of course. I got to travel both locally (most for work which I think took a tool on me) and internationally in which I had to choose from going up on stage to receive my diploma for Masters or take the 3-day trip. The trip won. No regrets.

Work has taken a lot of notch higher. Sometimes I felt I was drowning with it but the weekends usually come by quickly and I get to runaway from it all.

You may wonder why I used "The Great Perhaps" as my title. Well for John Green fans out there, I got it from his book "Looking for Alaska". I haven't finished the book yet but I got the jist of what Miles meant about the Great Perhaps. Think of the people you may meet and things you can experience. That for me is the true meaning of life adventure and it is a great catchy phrase to use for it.

2013 is upon us. We cannot stop it. Heck even the Mayan calendar couldn't stop it from happening. That leaves me with a renewed perspective that the Great Perhaps is upon us ready to be enjoyed.

This year I set my eyes on more traveling, again as per usual. But I think of the new goals to conquer and how life would fair if they are achieved. I have not made a list yet, I dont do the New Year's eve goals list thing. Not my style. I'd do it in a random slow boring day.

Anyway, as usual I rumble. Just wanted to dust this off. Set you guys (no matter how minute your number is) to this, don't be afraid to seek out the Great Perhaps this year. Perhaps, it would make your life a little bit more awesome than it already is.

This may be 3/4 days late but Happy New Year! Have a great 2013! I know I am going to try to have the best year yet!


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