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5 Reasons Why I Love to Travel

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Honestly, I am not the world’s biggest traveler. I have not even crossed the international borders more than what my 2 hands can count but the numbers are increasing. Needless to say, I love doing it and will continue to do so. Here are 5 reasons why I love to Travel:
1. It is the journey, not the destination:
Cliché as it may sound and common to start this off with, the journey of getting somewhere is much more exciting in getting there. For me at least.
You see, there are a lot of feelings incorporated in the journey to getting somewhere. You plan, you anticipate, you get excited, you read about the places which gets you closer to being worldly, you study, you save, you inspire. All these feelings allow you to grow to a person who would be very much willing to open their minds to whatever that new border could offer. The pictures and stories can say a lot about a place but it is the experience first-hand that make…

5 Things to Do on Valentines Day (Especially When You're Single)

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Let’s face it, if you are single on this very day, all you want to do is get a 2x2 good lumber and whack any couple who cuddle in public holding hands while walking. Or curse the mighty capitalists as they keep capitalizing this ordinary day of February (for us singles) and sell whatever they can sell for couples out there. Or okay maybe that’s just me, whatever.

Nope I am not like that in all totality, just partially haha. I love, love. It is one of those magnificent feelings in the world that you cannot just explain because it makes you feel all other emotions / verbs available in the dictionary and maybe more. We enjoy that feeling, so what more can we do but celebrate it. We are not salmon’s on this very day (maybe most of us) who would go against the current, all we could do is go with the flow. 

What can a single person can do on this faithful (or maybe cursed day for those who are bitter, broken and lonely – snap out of it, life is beautiful!)? Here are 5 thin…