Lake Pandin, San Pablo Laguna

Lake Pandin, San Pablo Laguna

Like any other posts, this too is a long overdue one. But nonetheless still worth posting.

There were some discussions as to where we will have our annual summer outing. It was supposed to be in Hong Kong, but of course the cost was high. Then moved to Boracay, then everyone says near Manila so they were trying to have Batangas in the picture. I have been researching some of the places you could visit for a day without incurring a lot of cost as well as being able to help the community that takes care of the place.

Lake Pandin, San Pablo Laguna

I chance upon Lake Pandin a couple of months back when I was trying to research for some place I could go either alone or with friends. Lake Pandin is one of the 7 lakes in San Pablo, Laguna where the water can go as deep as 180 feet.

Lake Pandin, San Pablo Laguna

It takes about 2 to 3 hours drive to this place and would only cost you about Php 380 per person, which includes a 2-3 hour lake tour/trip and lunch. This place was very peaceful. If you want to get out of the city for a short while and be one with nature, this is one of the places you could go.

Lake Pandin, San Pablo Laguna

Thing is, don't expect a lot about the restroom/bathrooms as people here still live the provincial life. No showers either but they say you can soap up on the lake itself. Just change in one of the provided restrooms in the area after.

If you want to take a trip to Lake Pandin, reach Aling Siony at +63 929-978-95-65 prices start at Php 180 if it is just a tour on the lake and swimming but if you want to have lunch there, prices can go from Php 350 to Php 380 depending on how many you are.

Liliw, Laguna

After enjoying the lake for 3 hours, you can drive up to Liliw and get a dose of cheap sandals, shoes and slippers; it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to reach Liliw. Visit the church there too. Quite a masterpiece. 


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