5 Things College Students Should Do While in Uni

I know this is quite late for those who have graduated and have joined the workforce or perhaps still part of the statistics of the jobless.

My 7 years of being part of the workforce made me realize that there were things that I should have done back in the university. Some may argue that I have written some stuff here about not regretting the things you should, could and would have done, I am going to ask this just once for the sake of those who will and still can do these things, don’t be uptight. Anyway, let’s proceed. I am not claiming to be a guru or something, just based on my experience when I interview potential candidates for a spot in my team.

1. Join different organizations: in the Philippines, there isn’t a vast majority who look at the organizations you have joined back in the university but mind you, the top companies do. There are employers or hiring managers who look at the organizations you are a member of. Why? It says a few things about you already. How sociable you are, the activities that interest you, your leadership capability, your management skills (including time, stress, people and personal life) and certain competencies.

I know time in school gets so hectic; there are financial constraints involved, and probably family that hinder you to do so. I say, you do it anyway. Find a group or organization that will help build your skills and competencies. A group that would suit your interest and not just because your friends are members (but a plus factor), but the main reason is the first one I have pointed out.

This will make you realize what you want to pursue in the future and help you find your main niche in terms of career. I am not saying be a social butterfly, join 2 or 3 best groups that interest you.

Personal experience: I only joined one group throughout my 4 years; I was an athlete back in university. When I got into my Masters Degree, I was part of a student government. Extremes I know but those helped but balance things out.

2. Keep fit: love your youth, take care of your body and build that habit of keeping yourself fit. Why? This helps balance all the stress in school out. It keeps your mind strong and healthy, it helps you going. Run for 30 minutes if your school has a facility. Schedule the way it would fit all your activities. In the long run, you will thank yourself for building that habit because come the so called “real world” that youth, will start to fade and you will be into all these health this health that campaigns.

Eat the right food, sleep the right amount of sleep, and do not drink too much.

Personal Experience: Even if I was an athlete in University, I was not that healthy still, haha. But in all seriousness, work life will get to you and you will long for that habit of keeping yourself fit at least twice a week. It keeps your mind off things which is very helpful.

3. Socialize: Okay socializing does not mean drinking every single day and clubbing every chance you get. It means meet new people, make friends and enjoy your youth. Do not waste all your chances in just hitting the library or the internet shop to do research and become a hermit. Balance it out, your friends in college will make your work life bearable as they will be available for some needed R & R and will be your ears and shoulders even scolding mouths about work and life. Friends made in college (and of course in High school) are forever. Never forget that.

Personal Experience: I had very limited friends (acquaint it to being an introvert) but these friends are my go to people whenever I need some time off and talk about the “back when we were” times. They are the ones who do not demand for your time but when needed are there (on a scheduled basis – gotta make sure you understand each other’s schedules haha)

4. Save: I am not being self righteous here, to tell you honestly, I did not have any savings back in my University years and it was such a drag. Try to keep certain amount of your allowance in the bank and never touch it unless it is an emergency. Not all the times your parents will be able to aid you financially, not even your peers (as they are in the same state as you). It is good to be able to have an emergency fund.

Personal Experience: A pick pocket did me good one summer in University. My ATM was there but no money. It was a Friday. I did not have any dime on that day as it was my allowance day. Even my roommates did not have extra. To survive I had to eat just half rice and boiled vegetables to make ends meet.

5. Allow yourself to fall in Love: As cheesy as this may sound. Try to let love find you in during your time in University. This will make your life a whole lot of fun. Just be very careful of giving anything valuable away (works both for men and women).

With these, I hope you college/university kids are enjoying your stay. Balance things out and these will become moments in life, moments that you will reminisce for the rest of your life.

This article has stemmed out of the conversation I had with one job seeker. Well just that one part about finding your niche, the rest were my moments. 


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