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Hungry? Munch on Figarro’s New Breakfast Sliders and Rice Meals

Before we proceed let me make one thing clear, I am not a foodie but I love food, not much of a food blogger but I write about food that I have enjoyed and tickled my tastebuds. As you can see, most of my posts here are about traveling but travel or adventure comes in many forms. One of which would be new food offerings from places you frequent, so there goes the reason for this post.

Are you always in a hurry that you do not have enough time to prepare the most important meal of your day? Do you love coffee? If your answer is a resounding yes to both questions – just like me, then Figaro Coffee Company can take care of that.

Paired with their signature brewed coffee which by the way gets me through the day, Figaro Coffee Company offers the new and tasty Breakfast Sliders that could make you slide through the entire morning feeling full.

For only Php 130, you can have your morning brewed coffee fix, choice of any 2 of these amazing sliders Bacon and Egg Slider, Mushroom and Egg Sl…