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Understanding KPop Fans

Curiosity has always been one of the things that keep me awake at night. The quest of finding out reasons why people get drawn to certain hobby, person, people, place, groups, genres or anything that consume someone’s affection and attention has always worked my brain double time. I guess this could be associated to why I even continued my degree in Sociology in the first place when I had a chance to study Architecture (I am not great at drawing, just know a thing or two about art haha).
You may be wondering why I started with that little back story, well I got hooked on a few Korean TV Series way back and I spent countless hours waiting for the videos to load to watch them completely. I know some of my friends were hooked on Korean Pop Music (KPop) as well and they spent hours on their fandoms. I got curious as to why a lot of people get addicted on that type of music and I know they get judged on that completely. TV series I would understand a little because there are sub titles and…

Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Maine Mendoza

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I am having a lazy Sunday, which sometimes become a rare commodity. Lazing around, I decided to look through tweets about Maine Mendoza, mentions, her twitter handle, who she follows, what other people say about her, etc. I am no stalker don’t worry, haha I spend my idle time reading, listening to music, writing or sometimes taking photos but I just got curious about her.
I’ve been hooked, like everyone else, on Aldub (thus this wee hours of the morning random blog post But like what Randy David has written on his Inquirer article, I wanted to have a Sociological take on this Phenomenon but I put it aside since the expert already wrote it. He’s an expert, I just took 4 years of Sociology as my degree but never really practiced so I have justification on why I get drawn to her, to Alden, on Aldub. Yes, may expert opinion, safe tayo. Haha.  To sway away fr…

Aldub, What?

 (c) @mainedcm | @aldenrichards02

I know the "Aldub, What?" title would perhaps initially elicit two raw emotions from those who have stumbled upon this blog post: 
Boiling point temper of those who are super into this tandem (with you people saying, “Humanda to sakin, ipapakilala ko kung ano ang Albub dito.”) Sparked curiosity as to what this blog post is all about (“Ano naman kayang pinagsasabi netong taong to.” - ayaw ako dalawin ng antok, so I had to write)Hold emotions! Especially those who are on the boiling point. I am not writing about Aldub to bash the tandem or be a negatron. We have enough people breathing negativity every single day that’s why I think we owe those with creative minds who helped helm Aldub to what it is today with deepest gratitude.
Let me back track a little. That title, yes the “Aldub, What?” was my initial reaction when I heard some people at the office gushing about these two. I have not been keeping up with the trends lately, believe me I us…