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Happy New Year! Another Blog Site!


My my, it's been 2 good years of not posting anything here on the blab blog - Happy New Year! I have been away mostly because of adulting and because I needed to figure out certain things in life - serves me a few more posts. I write for the sake of getting my thoughts out there or sometimes to take a break from all the cyclic narratives, perhaps I have just been keeping it all within me these past few months.  Time to up the writing game again I believe. 

I hope, as very few of you who pass by here got the best couple of days of the New Year! I just wanted to dust this off as there were a few comments. By the way, I am rearranging certain posts in my site. I am actually posting more of my travel stories in as I want to have a niche on those things. If you have time, you can check 2 of my "current" posts there. I have been procrastinating but maybe I can move back and forth from here - for personal thoughts and rants and there there for tr…