About Me

Most people when they write about their "About Me's" they start with their nicknames, where they live, graduated and their interests. Well I am not going through all of those sorts. I am just going to invite you to read through all my posts and would allow you to get to know me from there. 

Some would say unconventional, some would ask why. I say allow me. After all, that is why I am blogging right? Besides, my nickname is right there in the title and my interests are all in the posts, snippets of my personality are within all of them and where I studied - only if it matters - is in previous posts. So I got that all covered. 

I could go around all these and beat the bush, but then again I will shush. Have fun reading. Thank you for taking the time to even reach this very last word.



On a scratching-my-head note here you go:

I have a 9 hour job from Monday to Thursday and 8 on a Friday with one of the top retail/c-store companies in the Philippines/World. I've got my weekends free and devote it on anything really. I used to go to school every Saturday from 9am to 7pm for my post-graduate/masters studies somewhere in Diliman, but I've got that covered last April (2012).

I was born 2 years before the People Power. Lived through my childhood where rivers were clean, farms were everywhere, long hand letters were the thing, telegraphs were the best form of short communication, walking was a form of transportation and playing with neighboring kids was the reason why grandmothers, grandfathers, parents and older relatives would get hypertension because of dirty laundry and game wounds. 

Lived my teenage life when cassette tapes were the new things, computers and walkmans (this made you cool) were status symbols, and internet was never offered in every corner. Boybands actually ruled and songhits (yes, magazine type) were abundant in every newspaper stall. Comics were everywhere and boys with butterfly hairstyle were considered handsome. A time when slumbooks could cause rifts among friends - due to the crushes mentioned or even simply by not asking someone to fill up a page.

Got in the university a year after everyone feared the bug called Y2K somewhere in Laguna where naked men run every December, their bodies covered with coal and faces with masks/clothes. Awesome experience I must say. Although each year you get used to it that at your senior year you actually watch the reactions of the freshmen students instead of the men doing the naked dance.

For the love of music's sake, I am eclectic. Depends on the mood though I do not have vast collection of music. Maybe someday when dead presidents (money) do come in abundance.
By the way, I am a 90's Kid. Best time to be a kid in my opinion - that is just me. You can go on and disagree if you were born beyond that I would not really mind.

I have a lot to say about me. But this is as interesting as I can ever pull it.

Peace out.


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